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Bow Wow Wants to Settle Down

bowwowRapper/actor Bow Wow says he’s done with the bachelor life and is ready to settle down.

He tells Vibe magazine, “I’ve calmed down so much. Even though I’m young, I got spoiled early. In Atlanta, with Jermaine Dupri, I was in the strip clubs at nine years old. All this stuff is old to me. I just want to find the one, want her to move in with me, and go hard for her.”

He’s not just looking for any old girl. He adds, “Let’s say she gives it up on the first night. That’s not going to bring me closer to her. When a girl tells me ‘no’, now you’re making me chase you – which I don’t mind.”


Strip clubs at 9.  Yikes! His lil baby eyes shouldn’t have been privy to such things. And where was his mama?

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