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Meth Says The Wu is Still Together

wuMethod Man is peeved at Luda for sayin that Wu Tang is split up in the lyrics of one of his recent songs.

“We never really split up!,” Mef exclaimed in an interview. “People need to stop taking sh*t out of context. Even Ludacris, who I respect a lot, kind of upset me with a song he had where he mentioned Wu Tang broke up. No, we didn’t break up! There has never been an official statement that said ‘We’re done’ or ‘I’m out.’ [Before a new group album,] there’s things we’ve got to take care of first before anybody even starts to discuss that.” Source

Yea, I respect that Meth, but when folks don’t see or hear from the Wu in a while it’s a safe, or at least an understandably, assumption that you’re dunzo.

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