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Ciara Gives Back

ciaraCiara is part of a new campaign to give underprivileged children with school supplies.  She’s teamed up with DoSomething.org and Staples for the 2n annual Do Something 101 School Supply Drive. She’s recorded a PSA for it, urging people to drop off extra school supplies for those in need at their nearest Staples store.

She says, “The Do Something campaign is awesome because it encourages people to provide school supplies for kids.
“Some of the supplies are expensive and some people can’t afford them. Nowadays in this economy, education has become more important than ever. We need to do whatever it takes to empower our kids to help them to move forward and be the best that they possibly can be. That’s why I wanted to get involved.”


Oh I love the kids! Anyone who wants to drop off stuff to my apt or office please do and I’ll walk it down to the staples.  Just bring it by.

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