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Carmello Signs with Entertainment Group to Develop New Rapper

carmelloDenver Nuggets star, Carmelo Anthony has signed a deal in collaboration with Block Entertainment for a joint venture with his company Kross Entertainment.  Together they’ll develop new artist, Diego Cash.

“I am privileged to be in a position where I am able to work with such seasoned individuals in the music industry,” An Atlanta artist, Diego Ca$h said. “I plan to continue to create quality rap music while furthering my brand as a rap artist.”

“By joining forces with Block Entertainment, I am looking forward to a great business relationship,” Carmello said. “In addition to long term musical success, this movement will mark new territory in not only the Atlanta market but all over the country as well.” Source

When you have money you can live out all your dreams…whether or not it makes sense.  This boy knows nothing about the music biz, yet artists are putting the future of their careers in his novice hands. Fail!

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