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Miss California’s Mom is a Lezzy?!

prejeanMiss California, Carrie Prejean, who’s now famous for her anti-gay marriage statements, is in the center of the spot light yet again.  This time it has nothing to do with her nudie picks.  Instead, it’s her mom, Francine Coppola, who’s got a dirty little secret.  Francine’s supposed lesbian lover, Valerie Vetrano, outted her to Star Magazine.

Valerie Vetrano told Star, “Yes, Francine and I dated.”

However, the affair was doomed, says a source. “Francine explained how she was a Christian and that her loved ones would never accept her if she were gay,” the friend says. When Valerie asked her what would happen if she told her daughter Carrie about the two of them, Francine responded, “Carrie would never believe it!”

Adds the friend, “Valerie feels that if Francine had just been open about her sexuality with her family, Carrie would have a better understanding of what gay people have to go through. They just want equal rights.” Source

If this is true, it’s crazy!  I wonder what Carrie has to say about this.

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