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Girlicious Boots a Member

girliciousGirlicious…the Pussycat Dolls spin-off group has had a horrible start.  They didn’t release an album domestically. Their singles haven’t been charting.  Now the quartet is down to a trio.  They’ve gotten rid of Tiffanie, the one on the far right.

All of her pics have been removed from the group’s MySpace page and Tiffanie’s most recent Twitter status reads:

“Just got off the phone with my lawyer and feeling hell of betrayed now.” Source

Dang, that sucks.  But I’m sure she can do better on her own.

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One Response to “Girlicious Boots a Member”

  1. I Love Girlicious! They are beautiful hot very talented girls and i am glad Tiffanie is gone… I don’t loved her as much as Chrystina,Natalie and Nichole! I hope Girlicious now releases a new album worldwide! They will make it huge!

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