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Madonna sends Nurse and Nanny to Care for Mercy

mercyjamesSince winning the bid to adopt Malawian girl, Mercy James, Madonna has yet to see the girl.  She has flown in a nurse and nanny to care for her until she gets there.  Mercy has also been taken to the country’s capital of Lilongwe while adoption papers and visa are furnished.  The girl’s father says he’ll seek visitation rights to his daughter.

“I will fight until my last drop of blood to have the right to my daughter,” he is quoted as saying. Source

What is it with these celebs and little black babies.  I understand wanting to give a child a better life.  But there are tons of children rightunder their noses that need love and care.  On another note, Mercy’s father seems shady.  Wasn’t she in an orphanage because he wouldn’t or couldn’t take care of her.  She was thought to be parentless until he decided to pop up out of the woodworks.

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