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Shaq to Take on the Pro-Fighting World?

shaqShaq, after being a pro basketball player, an actor, a rapper, and even a Miami police officer, he now wants to try his hand at  fighting with the MMA.  In a video posted at The6Levels.com, he issues a challenge to anyone willing to challenge him in the world of MMA.

“We don’t care about nobody. We’ll fight anybody. I’ll even fight him (pointing to a stand-up figure of Chuck Liddell), after I fight the big boy that knocked out Jose Canseco — Hong Man Choi,” Shaq says with a smile.

“I’m coming for you. Don’t worry about it. I’m retiring the next year, two years. I’m coming for you. I look like Jose to you? No,” Big Shaq continued.

Hong Man Choi is a Korean Kikcboxer and former ssireum wrestler who weighs 330lbs and is 7’2”.  Shaq is the same weight and just an inch shorter. Source and Video

This is like real fighting right? I mean its not like the WWF where they’re just pretending to fight.  Just cus Shaq is big doesn’t mean he can take down a seasoned fighter.

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