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Usher Psyched About New Milk Ad

usherUsher finally did a shoot for Body By Milk and feels like he’s really arrived. To be an icon in Hollywood, “You’ve got to do things like win Oscars and Grammys,” he says, “but you’re nothing if you don’t have a milk ad!”

He says the shoot was “a lot of fun,” adding that his ad “makes me look taller.”

He also talks about his new album which he says will be “romantic at times,” and grittier at other times.

“It’s racy, risky and edgy and sometimes about personal experiences,” says Usher, whose private life of late has been shaken by a divorce filing. “I look at music like a diary.”

Ever since he got married I haven’t looked at him the same…his album sales reflect that neither has anyone else.  I hope he can bounce back now that he’s dropped the old ball and chain.

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