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Evander to Lose Home?

evanderFormer champ, Evander Holyfield, is facing foreclosure on his Georgia home for the second time this year. There’s a lien on his house and the holder wants full repayment of the $10 million loan.  An auction has been scheduled for July 7th if the loan isn’t paid off.

His sprawling estate costs over a million dollars to maintain each year.

“To attack that house in any way, or suggest he get rid of it … that’s just not going to fly with him,” Holyfield’s former accountant Sam Gainer told the paper. “That’s his trophy, his symbol of success.”

Even though Evander made over $248 during his career, he’s had some really hard hits to his bank account between ex wives, several children and failed business ventures.


All to often these athletes (boxers in particular) have too many hands in their pockets and don’t manage their money well.  I feel kinda sorry for him…kinda.

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