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Jon Gosselin to Write Tell-All

jonAccording to Star, Jon Gosselin is planning to pen a tell-all book that will detail how much of a bitch Kate has been over the past few years.

He’ll reveal that they hadn’t had sex for a year and that before that it was few and far between.

“She’d withhold sex when she wanted to punish him. Sex is important to Jon, but she didn’t care…”

He started falling out of love with her when she started alienating both of their families. “It was like she was too good for them,” says the source. “Once Jon started to back off from her, Kate could sense it, and it made her crazy. That’s when she decided that money would be her new love…”


I should feel sorry for Kate but I don’t.  You can’t continually emasculate a man (in front of the country no less) and expect him to put up with it indefinitely.

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