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Jennifer Aniston is Needy

jennAccording to In Touch, the reason why Jennifer Aniston can’t keep a man is because she’s too needy.

After a recent date with actor Bradley Cooper she told  a friend “she said they had a real connection. She was hoping they’d see each other again. She was on a real high.”

But apparently Braley was seeing another actress, Lake Bell, at the same time.

 “Bradley and Lake were whispering intimately,” the witness tells In Touch. “he had his hands all over her legs.”

When Jenn realized she wasn’t the only lady in his life she was hurt but not surprised. “She thought it was too good to be true,” the confidante adds.

She tried to sway him with a long weekend in Mexico but he turned her down.  Then she invited him to a BBQ at her house and “he said he would try to make it,” the confidante adds.

 “She can sometimes come off as needy and has no idea that she’s not coming off as fun and spontaneous. She ends up scaring guys off,” the friend says.

“She’s pinning all of her hopes on [Bradley] being ‘The One’.” the confidante explains. “He simply isn’t.” Source

It makes me sad when I see women like this.  It’s one thing to be an insecure teenager…most of us go through that.  But she’s 40 years old for Pete’s sake.  Get it together.


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  1. Celebritylife.org trackingback – Jennifer Aniston is Needy…

    Celebritylife.org trackingback – Jennifer Aniston is Needy…

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