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Charles Barkley Helps Fire Victims

chuckFormer NBA star, Charles Barkley, has given $90K to Lake Tahoe fire victims.  He wrote the check out to South Tahoe’s community Disaster Resource Center to help wit the recovery of homes lost in a wildfire two years ago.  This isn’t his first contribution.  He sent the center $100K just a year ago.

The fire destroyed over 300 homes, cost $11.7 million to fight and employed more than 2,000 firefighters.

“But the real story is what a true friend we have in Charles Barkley. He’s become part of this community, from beyond appearing annually in the golf tournament, to taking a true interest in the area and its residents. I just hope his political aspirations stay in Alabama because if he ran for mayor of South Lake Tahoe right now, I’d be looking for work!” said South Lake Tahoe Mayor Jerry Birdwell. Source

So I see he gives money to charities other than the National Organization of Prostitutes with a Good Head Game.  Sorry I just had to.

Jokes aside his generosity is very commendable.


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