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Hef Sued by Nut

hefA woman named Sheri Allred is suing Hugh Hefner for $3 billion because he hid under her bed when she was a child.  She also alleges that he had an intimate affair with her adoptive mother who was also with John Gotti at the time.

Here’s a part of a letter she wrote:

Yes, sir I am asking for 3 billion dollars from Mr. Hefner. He’s been after me since I was a baby. Along with a pedifile organization here in L.A. When I was bout 5 yrs. Old He mysteriously was underneath my bed and he grabbed my arm and said that he and forsay the beatles and he mentioned the names of them. I asked like in my head since I’m a hat everyone in the world here’s my thought’s, a good way to establish peace. So I thought and I said you’d better let go of my hand. And so I braced myself again the wall and eventually he let go I ran into my parents room and told my adopted mother in which she replied it was probably your adopted dad.

The Gotti man had my husband eat his pussy cause he’s a morphidite. I know you don’t ask what is a morphodite, my dad my adopted dad told us kids what one of them are. That means my ex isn’t here in the upper story, if you get what I mean.

Here is the rest of the letter. Source

No ma’am, we don’t get what you mean.  Why? Because you’re friggin nuts!


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