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Ivanka and Boyfriend Get Engaged

ivankaDonald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, just got engaged to her boyfriend Jared Kushner.

“I got engaged last night… truly the happiest day of my life!!!” she tweeted on Thursday morning.
“Ivanka is flying,” a source tells Star. “Jared is a wonderful guy. I have never seen her so happy.”

“I’m very happy about it,” her dad says. “They make a magnificent couple.”
Ivanka’s mom, Ivana Trump, told Star, “This is a very happy day for Ivanka’s family. Jared is a wonderful young man and they are a very happy and loving couple. They have so much in common and love being together, I am sure they will make a wonderful and happy marriage together. We are all so thrilled Ivanka fell in love with such a very special young man. We all wish her a lifetime of love and happiness.”

Ivanka even converted to Judaism for him .  That’s love right there.  Congrats and good luck.

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