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Oprah’s Ratings are in the Crapper

oprahOprah’s ratings are slipping.  She’s down by 32%, the lowest she’s been since 1983.

 “There’s the fatigue factor,” says industry analyst Marc Berman of Mediaweek. “Oprah’s been on the air for over two decades.

“She can last for as long as she wants to last,” he believes. “But it gets to the point where fans might be getting a little tired of her show.”

 “This is not the first time in 23 years that ‘Oprah’ has been in repeats and not the first time it’s competed against Wimbledon,” says one knowledgeable industry source.

“She’s got so many projects going on that it’s hard to focus as much attention on the talk show as it was in the past, when it was her only priority,” said the source.

 “Oprah has seen dips in the past and bounced back after a bit of tinkering in the format,” the online trade publication Media Life noted yesterday in its story about the show’s horrible week. “It’s something all shows need, even ‘Oprah.’ “ Source

I haven’t watched a full episode of Oprah since probably the mid 90’s.  She bores me to tears.


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