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Leona Doesn’t Want to be Famous Anymore

leonaLeona Lewis says that she misses having a normal life and wants to get out of show business.  An insider said: “Career-wise, Leona’s dreams have come true. But she doesn’t really seem to socialize in Los Angeles because she misses Lou so much. I think she wasn’t quite aware how different her life would become.

“Leona is torn because she loves being a singer but Lou is the love of her life. Sometimes I think she would like to fly back to London and never go to another red-carpet event again.

“I guess Leona would be happier eating a home-cooked meal with Lou in rainy old London than she’ll ever be in the glitzy bars in Los Angeles.

“Lou and Leona look at other couples who manage to keep their relationship alive even though they sometimes live apart. They know they’re a strong enough couple to make it work.”

Leona will be going on tour for fourteen months so it doesn’t look good for theses two. Source

It’s sad but when people get famous they tend to split up with the significant other’s they were with when the fame hit.  They end up opting for someone in the biz who understands and has the same career demands.

Too bad, so sad.

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One Response to “Leona Doesn’t Want to be Famous Anymore”

  1. None of thios is true though – it originated in one of the UK’s trashy tabloid magazines and was riddled with basic inaccuracies.

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