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Khloe Laughs at Engagement Rumors

KhloeKhloe Kardashian’s “best friend”, NFL LB Shaun Phillips jokingly tweeted about asking her to marry him and of course everyone believed him.  He tweeted, “Me and my fabulous yet gorgeous yet magnificent yet undeniably beautiful soon to be finance @khloekardashian are have a wonderful nite out.”

Moments later Khloe started getting texts, emails and phone calls from her family and friends asking her about the engagement.
Writing on her official website, she said: “Just got off the plane and I had all these texts and voicemails asking if I was engaged. The answer to that is a definite no! I seriously could not stop laughing!
“It’s so funny because it’s totally our fault that this all started because we were Twittering about our date night, but of course it got twisted into an entirely different story. Just know that SP is my best friend and don’t always believe everything you hear!”

Best friends my arse.  We’ll see pics of them hookin’ up in no time.  Mark Lo’s words.

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