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Heidi Debutes Playboy Cover on Red Carpet

heidiHeidi Montag says that she worked hard to get ready for her Playboy cover. ‘I worked out very hard for this,’ she said.  She debuted the cover on the red carpet of “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.”
“I worked my butt off. [Playboy] kind of had a vision … and we brought in Matthew Rolston, who is a very well-known amazing photographer,” she explained. “So, it’s more art.”

“See her powerful curves,” Spencer said. “They are powerful! It’s an honor. I feel like I did something great, like I should get a trophy!

“[The photos are] beautiful art,” he continued. “Not, like, Picasso art — real beautiful art, you know what I’m saying?” Source

Art…right.  It actually reminds me of this paint by numbers horse that I did for my Granny once.

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