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Kara Says She’s Not Paula’s Replacement

karaKara DioGuardi, the judge who joined American Idol just last year, insists that she wasn’t meant to replace Paula Abdul.  She recently went on Ryan Seacrest and talked about Paula’s departure.

“I can’t get over it. I’m completely shocked,” she said about Abdul leaving the show. “It’s such a loss for the show, such a loss for the contestants. She’s definitely the heart of the panel.”

“The way I’m understanding it is that it was her choice to leave,” DioGuardi explained. “I never was here to replace her. It would be impossible to replace Paula Abdul. She’s an incredible talent. She is somebody who helped make the show as big as it is. How could you ever replace that? If anything, she was really somebody who helped me, because it was awkward at times being the fourth person.” Source

 Well I’m glad you feeli that you weren’t brought on as Paula’s replacement because you could never replace our nutty queen of nice. Who are you again?

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