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Jon and Kate Battle it Out Until Cops Come

jonkateJon and Kate were fighting so loudly that one of their neighbors called the cops.  The two were fighting about their nanny Stephanie Santoro.  It was Jon’s day with the kids and Kate showed up.  So he wouldn’t let her in the home then she went off about Stephanie, a nanny Jon hired who had also been sleeping over the house recently.

After police calmed things down Kate left peacefully and went to stay at a Days Inn.

The two have also been tormenting each other.

“[Kate] is sickened by just the sight of Jon,” says a source. “She plays the victim in public, but behind closed doors, Kate wants Jon to suffer. She taunts him by telling him he’s fat and ugly.”

“Kate’s sensitive about her age starting to show — especially the crow’s feet around her eyes and cellulite and her backside,” says an insider. “So he calls her ‘granny’ to see if he can make her cry.”


The problem is that these two never really grew up before they decided to add like 27 kids into the mix. It’s time to lock it up and just deal.

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