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Vick Signs with the Eagles

89783883LF015_PHILADELPHIA_Michael Vick has signed with the eagles. He’s got a 2 year deal for 1.6 million dollars.

Andy Reid, Eagles coach, said, “I’m a believer that as long as people go through the right process, they deserve a second chance.  He’s got great people on his side; there isn’t a finer person than Tony Dungy. He’s proven he’s on the right track.”

“There won’t be a quarterback controversy,” Reid said. “We have to make sure he gets back in football shape. He comes into a good, stable unit here. Donovan and Michael are very close.”

Donovan added, “I pretty much lobbied to get him here.  I believe in second chances and what better place to get a second chance than here with this group of guys. … He’s no threat to me, not for Kolb. We had the opportunity to add another weapon to our offense.”

In a “60 Minutes” interview set to air Sunday, Vick said he feels “some tremendous hurt behind what happened.”

He added that he should have taken “the initiative to stop it all … I didn’t.” Source

As I’ve been saying, he did his time.  It’s time to move on.  With that said, this is going to be a VERY interesting season.

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