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Angie Furious Over Mag Cover

May 18, 2009

In Touch had an article last week about Brad and Jen meeting up in his car and brad using her as a shoulder to cry on about his marriage.  Supposedly Angie read the story and lost her shit. She called everyone in their “inner circle” to see if they would verify it. Once the story […]

Brad Fleas to France to Get Away from Angie

April 21, 2009

According to In Touch Weekly, a recent trip Brad took to France had less to do with checking on renovations and more to do with getting away from Angie and the kids for a bit. An airport employee said, “What could he be doing in France that’s so important that he couldn’t be with his […]

More Baby Rumors for Brad and Angie

December 16, 2008

Star magazine is spinning more Angelina pregnancy rumors with their latest cover story. According to the magazine, Angelina is taking prenatal vitamins, visiting her ob-gyn, undergoing secret fertility treatments and gearing up for another set of twins. “Angie’s doctors told her that she has a strong chance of conceiving twins if she does it within […]

Brad and Angelina Can’t Cook

December 5, 2008

Brad says that neither he nor Angie can cook.  Pitt says, “I can rock a Sunday BBQ but that’s as far as my culinary talents go.” And when asked what Jolie’s signature dish would be, Pitt replied, “Cereal.”  Source I know they’re rich and can afford to hire chefs and all, but ‘cereal’? With 6 […]

Brangelina Post

November 21, 2008

WENN Seriously, that mustache is sucking my will to live.  Anywho, Angelina recently spoke on the unglamourus life of a mom when she said, “The only time fame and family life ever collides is if, you know, we’re trying to get ready for some event where we have to walk a carpet and somebody gets […]

Brangelina Post

November 14, 2008

So recently in Vogue Jennifer Aniston said that she thought that all the gushing Angelina did over Brad in the public while he and Jenn were still married was ‘uncool’.  After seeing the piece though, Brad supposedly called Jenn to complain about it. Another source, close to Jolie, said Wednesday that Pitt and Jolie were […]

Brad Defends Firefighters’ Tattoos

October 27, 2008

Actor and activist, Brad Pitt, who has quite a few tattoos himself, has written a letter of protest to the California big wigs against a policy requiring members of the LA Fire Department to cover their tattoos. He thinks the policy should be rescinded because it compromises the safety of firefighters and those they are […]

Ringling Brothers and Brangelina Circus

June 3, 2008

According to Star Magazine, living in Brangelina’s house is like living in a four ring circus. A source says, “Angelina doesn’t believe in old-fashioned restrictions because she finds them oppressive.So her rule is to have few rules.”So that means chaotic meals (each child can have whatever they want to eat), nightmare bath hours (the bathroom’s […]