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Evander to Lose Home?

June 29, 2009

Former champ, Evander Holyfield, is facing foreclosure on his Georgia home for the second time this year. There’s a lien on his house and the holder wants full repayment of the $10 million loan.  An auction has been scheduled for July 7th if the loan isn’t paid off. His sprawling estate costs over a million […]

Xzibit Facing Foreclosure

April 27, 2009

Rapper Xzibit is behind on his mortgage payments according to TMZ, and the bank is threatening to foreclose on his home. He owes over $20K un past due payments and has been sent a foreclosure notice to his home in Woodland Hills, CA. The IRS has filed liens for almost $300K and just over $200K […]

Suge Knight’s Mansion is Auctioned Off

December 9, 2008

Marion “Suge” Knight, the former Death Row Records owner, has been dealt yet another blow in a seemingly never ending series of hits. His Malibu mansion has been auctioned for $4.56 million due to his bankruptcy.  Source He apparently hasn’t been reading “The Secret”.   Want more Manifesto? Check me out at Blogger.com and TheFlowLive.com.

Wyclef Loses Miami Home

November 25, 2008

Former member of the Fugees, Wyclef Jean, is in deep shit after having his Florida home reposed.  He bought a home in ’04 with a $2 million mortgaged on it (which he bought with friends) an the property has been left unfurnished due to a string of legal problems with construction.  In addition he’s lumped […]

Dame Dash=Broke as a Joke

November 18, 2008

There have been reports for a minute now that hip-hop big wig, Damon Dash, is broke.  But now his economic decline is confirmed.  According to the New York Daily News he’s being targeted by a bunch of different sources who want him to pay up. “I’ve worked with musicians, artists and entertainers that, in the […]