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Oprah Says No to MJ and Chris Brown

July 26, 2009

Oprah has chosen to neither promote Michael Jackson, or have Chris Brown on her show for an interview.  She doesn’t want to speak on Michael’s death because she supposedly “does not cover people who hurt children” and said “why give them shine on our show, we never have and never will.” As far as interviewing […]

Chris is #1

December 16, 2008

Billboard has named singer Chris Brown artist of the year. When he heard the news he said, “It’s bigger than what I can ever imagine. It’s unexpected totally, so it’s a surprise. I’ve had a good year but I still feel like a little insecure in those parts. I’m like, `There’s little ol’ me getting […]

Christopher Robin Tops the Charts Together

August 18, 2008

Rihanna and boyfriend Chris Brown are topping Billboard’s charts together (yea I said it.  I don’t care what they deny.) Anyway,  Katy Perry was riding #1 for a minute with her hit “I kissed a Girl”  But Rihanna managed to kick her off her throne with her single “Disurbia”.  Chris is at #2 with his […]

Chris Brown’s Music Leaked

August 13, 2008

Some of Chris Brown’s tracks have been illegally leaked to the net and his Label, Jive Records, is none too happy.  They released the following statement: Recently, unauthorized Chris Brown material was leaked online. Most of the unfinished songs were demos and reference tracks Brown and his production team were writing and producing for other […]