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DJ AM Moves on from Mandy Moore

January 6, 2009

DJ AM heal’s quickly.  He’s already moving on from Actress Mandy Moore, his on again off again girlfriend who helped him through his recovery.   He’s now reportedly dating a model named Hayley Wood. Source I wonder what that break up was like? Gee, thanks for tending to my seething wounds Mandy, but I’m gonna have […]

DJ AM Sues Aviation Company for Crash

December 26, 2008

Following in the footsteps of fellow crash survivor, Travis Barker, Adam “DJ AM’ Goldstein is suing the aviation company for the plan crash he was involved in, in September. He accuses the pilots of deciding “to abort and/or reject the take-off in a negligent manner” despite allegedly being aware one or more tires had blown […]