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Nick Cannon vs. Eminem Pt. 1

May 12, 2009

In one of the oddest feuds in history, Nick Cannon and Eminem are beefin’ hard.  In one of Eminem’s latest tracks are the following lyrics: “Okay, let me see. How can I begin, locked in Mariah’s wine cellar / All I had for lunch was bread wine, more bread wine than Cap ‘n Crunch / […]

Kanye is Upset Over 50’s Diss

January 26, 2009

  Kanye is insulted by recent lyrics 50 rapped about him. On a song from his upcoming album 50 criticizes Yeezy for singing on “Love Lockdown”. West revealed: “Just as a real human being, I can’t say that it doesn’t affect me. “For me as a fan of him, I felt like if he said […]