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Man Arrested in McNair Murder-Suicide

July 20, 2009

Adrian J. Gilliam Jr. has been arrested for selling Sahel Kazemi the gun she used to shoot herself and Steve McNair.  He sold her the 9mm for $100 and has been previously convicted of murder and attempted armed robbery. Want more Manifesto? Check me out at Blogger.com and AllVoices.com. Advertisements

Jojo Gets a Day of Service

July 20, 2009

Joseph Simmons, Jr., aka Jojo, was arrested for criminal use of drug paraphernalia, drug possession, resisting arrest and reckless endangerment.  He plead guilty to disorderly conduct and all drug counts were dropped per an agreement. He was sentenced to just one day of community service. Source Um what?! I can see if he was just […]

T.I. Requests Jail Date Pushed Back

May 26, 2009

T.I. wants some extra time before having to report to prison for weapons charges.  He’s asked the court to delay his sentence so he can secure a cell at a prison closer to his family. He’s supposed to head into jail on May 26th in Forrest City, Arkansas. Source He apparently doesn’t realize how easy […]

DMX is Free!

May 18, 2009

DMX has been released from an Arizona jail after serving a 90-day sentence for drug and animal cruelty charges. Now that he’s out what will he do? Well there were rumors that he’d join VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, but he denied the claims. “It’s gotta me closer to my true calling on life, to realizing… to […]

Estelle’s Cousin Arrested

April 14, 2009

Singer Estelle’s cousin Jude Debaga was charged with possession with intent. A search of his car and home turned up $2,900 of illegal substances. He’s due to answer his charges in a London court later this year. Source I wonder how close Estelle is to this cousin and if she’ll plead with the courts on […]

Lindz on the Run From the Law!

March 16, 2009

Lindsay is on the run y’all.  A warrant has been issued for her arrest because she violated her parole related to her 2007 DUI.  “I have a feeling she will eventually turn herself in. If she does come in, it’s pretty simple. We book her, and if she posts bail, she’s on her way,” Beverly […]

Doctor of Death Gets Year in Jail for DUI

January 11, 2009

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams, has been sentenced to a 1 year prison term for DUI and will begin his sentence on February 6th.  Dr. Adams is infamous for his involvement in the death of rapper Kanye West’s, mother, Dr. Donda West.  He performed several procedures on her the day before she died and it […]

DMX Faces 90 Days

January 6, 2009

Rapper DMX plead guilty to charges in three different cases: -curelty to animals -possesion of narcotics -theft -marijuana possesion He faces up to 90 days in jail and will be sentenced on January 20th. Source 90 days? That’s it?!?! You’ve got to be kidding me!   Want more Manifesto? Check me out at Blogger.com and […]

Man Sentenced in Murder of T.I.’s Assistant

December 26, 2008

The murder of T.I.’s best friend and assistant, Philant Johnson, has been avenged.  Hosea Thomas has been convicted o murder and sentenced to 66 years in prison. T.I. testified in the case against Hosea, where he was not only found guilty of murder but also, felonious assault, drug possession and trafficking, and illegally having a […]

Boy George Convicted of Kidnapping

December 9, 2008

Boy George of Culture Club fame has been found guilty of falsely imprisoning a male escort that he hired for an erotic porn shoot.   He handcuffed the victim, Audun Carlsen to a wall and beat him until he was able to escape. Per CNN, the judge, David Radford is letting George roam free on bail […]