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Madonna’s Stage Collapses Killing Two

July 20, 2009

Madonna’s crew was setting up the stage for her concert at Marseille’s Velodrome Stadium when it collapsed killing two. Madge said: “I’m devastated at the tragic news. My prayers go to those who were injured and their families.” “I ask you for a moment to stop and think of the people who have lost their […]

Madge Meets Up with Mercy

June 23, 2009

Madonna is seeing her daughter Mercy James since she adopted her about a week ago.  She met her in London via private jet. The director of the children’s home in Malawi where Mercy had been living later said: “The process was long but at last she has found happiness.” The man who claims to be […]

Madonna sends Nurse and Nanny to Care for Mercy

June 16, 2009

Since winning the bid to adopt Malawian girl, Mercy James, Madonna has yet to see the girl.  She has flown in a nurse and nanny to care for her until she gets there.  Mercy has also been taken to the country’s capital of Lilongwe while adoption papers and visa are furnished.  The girl’s father says […]

Angie and Madge are at it Again

May 26, 2009

Supposedly they Mother Theresa feud between Angelina and Madonna continues to burn on. “Angelina thinks Madonna is a blatant copycat and that she’s coming from the wrong place,” says the insider of Jolie. “Angie sees what she and Brad do as being about saving a child, but she thinks Madonna does it for publicity.” “Angie’s […]


April 6, 2009

Madge has been denied her adoption request in Malawi because she isn’t a resident.  The requirement for adoption is a residency of 18-24 months and Madonna has only visited the country for short periods of time. Mercy James, the little girl she was trying to adopt would have been the second child from Malawi she […]

Lily Disses Madge

March 9, 2009

Lily Allen has been recently quoted as saying, “Madonna is over-rated. I haven’t got anything against her at all but I don’t think anthing she’s done since the early eighties has really been, like, ‘wow’.  She might have meant something once but I don’t know many people my age who care.  For me Britney Spears […]

Madge Jealous of Her Own Daughter?

February 9, 2009

OK! Magazine is reporting that Madge is jealous of her own daughter and doesn’t want her to grow up. “I think Madonna can’t stand that Lourdes is growing into a beautiful teen,” a source tells OK! “She seems envious of her youth and looks. She knows Lourdes is going to be gorgeous and will get […]

Bobby and Madonna Were Lovers?

January 11, 2009

According to a new book about Bobby Brown, “Bobby Brown: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But…”, he dated Madonna once. A source tells the National Enquirer, “It (romance) began when one of Bobby’s bodyguards caught the Material Girl with Bobby in the back of his limo. The couple met years before when Madonna […]

A-Rod Makes Madge Angry

November 25, 2008

Baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, recently pissed off Madonna when he cancelled his attendance at some private Kabbalah classes. “He hasn’t even finished Kabbalah 1 (the introduction to the study of Kabbalah) and the majority of the time he’s spent with Yardeni so far was for counseling, not study,” says the source. “This is certainly off-putting […]

Madonna Post

November 14, 2008

When news of Madonna and Guy’s split came out, Madonna’s friend Gwyn was asked about how she’s helping Madonna through it.  She said, “She’s a dear friend, and I’m supporting her in all [the] ways that I can. I’m just here on the other end of the phone, really. I speak to her a lot.” […]