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Suge Knight’s Mansion is Auctioned Off

December 9, 2008

Marion “Suge” Knight, the former Death Row Records owner, has been dealt yet another blow in a seemingly never ending series of hits. His Malibu mansion has been auctioned for $4.56 million due to his bankruptcy.  Source He apparently hasn’t been reading “The Secret”.   Want more Manifesto? Check me out at Blogger.com and TheFlowLive.com. […]

Suge Gets Charged for Beating his Girlfriend

November 18, 2008

Marion “Suge” Knight, has been charged with several offenses in connection with an assault on his girlfriend. He faces one count of misdemeanor battery and two felony charges of possession of a controlled substance after a fight with his girlfriend of three years, Melissa Isaac, resulted in him allegedly punching her.  When police arrived on […]

Suge Sues Kanye

November 14, 2008

Marion “Suge” Knight, who’s having a shiteous time lately, has decided to sue rapper Kanye West for his shooting back in ’05.  He blames Kanye for letting someone sneak a gun into his pre-MTV VMA party, the same individual who shot him. Suge contends that Kanye is accountable for not taking, “reasonable measures to ensure […]

Biggie Saga Continues

August 5, 2008

Marion “Suge” Knight is finding his name associated with the mystery surrounding Biggie Smalls’ death,…again. The LA Times reports that the same inmate who implicated a LA officer in Biggie’s death then recanted is now saying that he did so because he was threatened by Suge Knight. Waymond “Suave” Anderson says to have received the […]