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Lindsay’s Dad is Dissing SamRo…Again

March 31, 2009

Michael Lohan is flappin his gums again.  He’s once again attacking Lindsay’s girlfriend, SamRo, saying that Lindz will end up worse than Brit if she stays with Sam. He says, “She’s using her and bringing her around the wrong places. No matter where they go in the world, where Samantha drags Lindsay to her little […]

Wanna Punch Michael Lohan in the Face?

February 23, 2009

Michael “Douchy Doucherton” Lohan has extended and open invitation everyone to come and take a swing at him in the ring. He’ll be involve din an event hosted by Celebrity Boxing Federation and SmokingEverywhere.com.  The event will take place at the Philadelphia Airport Ramada on April 3rd.  Source Um, as annoying as he is, it’s […]