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Ne-Yo Gives Leona Friendly Advice

March 23, 2009

Ne-Yo thinks that touring wil be helpful for shy singer Leona Lewis. “Leona is very shy, which could be a good or bad thing. In this business, people want to know you so you’ve got to be willing to give it,” he told the Daily Star “I hope she starts doing shows to build up […]

Ne-Yo Brings the Best Out of Chrisette

March 9, 2009

Singer Chrisette Michele has been collaborating with Ne-Yo on her upcoming album entitled Epiphany. She thinks Ne-Yo was able to pull things out of her she didn’t think possible.  They’d sit for hours at a time and she’d tell him things, “I thought I’d be afraid to sing about. But the way he put it […]

Ne-Yo Gets all Hot and Sassy over Bloggers’ Comments

January 15, 2009

Ne-Yo struck out against bloggers via a blog of his own for constantly “hating” on him.  He says:   One rule of being a gentleman is to keep your cool and composure at all cost, but right about now I gotta loosen up this tie and take off this expensive suit jacket and talk to […]

Ne-Yo and PCD to Go on Tour

October 10, 2008

The Pussycat Dolls are going on tour and they’re bringing Ne-Yo with them.  They’ll kick off the 7 date tour in January 2009 to promote their album “Doll Domination.  Tickets go on sale today. Source   Want more Manifesto? Check me out at Blogger.com and Today.com.

MJ is Concerned About New Album

September 26, 2008

Uncle wacko is very nervous about the success of his upcoming album.  Ne-Yo, who worked on the album with him said, “He keeps putting it off. Michael is very nervous as he knows he’s the underdog and people want him to fail. “It’s tough when all eyes are on him and there is so much […]

Neyo Slams the Press

July 31, 2008

R&B singer Neyo is slamming the media for seemingly rewarding the bad behavior of celebrities instead of focusing on their talents. He says, “Image is the most difficult thing. Back in the day, you were judged off your music, or how many hits you had or the quality of your music. Now it’s what celebrity […]