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Omarion Has a New Label

June 1, 2009

Singer/actor Tyrese spilled the beans via Twitter that Omarion has signed on with Lil’ Wayne’s label, Young Money. Source The last I heard from him he was sharing his haircut with the world as If we care…and that was a minute ago.  At least he’s doing something with himself.  Congrats or whatever. Want more Manifesto? […]

Omarion Opens Up

August 28, 2008

So Omarion opened up to MTV recently to discuss his new look, his new label, and all that B2K/Chris Stokes drama.   On the B2K/Chris Stokes molestation drama: “Really, my thing is, I talked to the cats, and it’s sad what people will do when they’re in the position of ‘don’t have,’ ” the singer […]

Omarion Talks Hair

August 15, 2008

Omarion recently uploaded a video documenting him cutting off his braids for a new look.  First of all I’ve never seen anyone stretch out a haircut like that.  I’da hooked him up in under 3 minutes with some safety scissors and a butter knife.  But I digress.  Please watch and enjoy.  Pay extra attention to […]

Random Pics

December 17, 2007

He MUST be hard up for cash posin’ for Jet. Does anyone even read Jet anymore? The ONLY person that I know who avidly read Jet was my Granny Beth…and she’s dead… This is just how that Mononucleosis keeps spreading. I bet they share lip gloss. Underarm flab AND a metallic camel toe. Nice! Lo […]