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Paris Wants to Run for Office

January 20, 2009

Paris Hilton did a recent interview with Fabulous Mag and she expressed an interest in a political career.   We loved your US election spoofs. Ever thought of running for office? One day I think that would be a great idea. Maybe in 20 years. What would you do? I’d stop the war and bring […]

The Governator Says ‘NO’ to Proposition 8

October 31, 2008

I don’t know anything about Arnie’s politcs, except that he’s a republican.  But he recently came out to say he doesn’t support California’s Proposition 8, which if approved would ban gay marriage. He says, “Republicans believe deeply that government should be limited. Government has no business making distinctions between people based on their personal lives. That’s why, […]

Bow Wow’s on the Campaign Trail

October 2, 2008

Rapper Bow Wow has joined the Walk Across America campaign aimed at getting young voters to register and vote in the upcoming presidential election.  He’ll be traveling all over the country (by foot and bus) to aid in voter registration. He tells AllHipHop.com, “It’s important for the youth to participate because we’re tomorrow’s leaders. “We […]

Pharrell Shows His Support for Obama

September 26, 2008

During a recent show Pharrell Williams took a stab at Sarah Palin.  The crowd was chanting “Obama” when Pharrell said, “So I guess I don’t have to ask. So we feel the same way,” said Pharrell. “We’re gonna do what we gotta do to make sure that the person that goes after Osama is not […]