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The Penns are Back Together

May 26, 2009

The Penn’s are getting back together…allegedly.  Sean Penn has asked that his separation case be dismissed. Sean and Robin Wright Penn married in ’96.  They started divorce proceedings in December 2007 but then called them off four months later…there at it again. Source They seem like one of those couples who have volatile relationships but […]

Sean Penn and Natalie Portman Still Goin at It

May 12, 2009

Before news of his separation came out, there were rumors of Sean Penn making out with Natalie Portman.  And apparently the two are still hookin up. “She stimulates him in ways no other person has, mentally or professionally,” says a source. “There’s a lot more there with Natalie than any of the other girls Sean’s […]

Lindz is Stalking Seth Rogen

March 23, 2009

Lindsay is in talks to star in a new Sean Penn movie, and she’s desperate to have comedian Seth Rogen to star opposite her.  There’s one problem.  Seth won’t return any of her calls. She tells Nylon magazine, “I’m talking to a lot of people right now. One is Sean Penn – I spoke to […]