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Christina Ricci and Owen Benjamin are Dunzo

June 8, 2009

Christina Ricci and boyfriend Owen Benjamin have called off their engagement.  The two have been together since last October and got engaged in March. They had a fight shortly his birthday party last week and decided to split. The source says: “They talk almost every day. It was a very mature decision and they both […]

Brad Fleas to France to Get Away from Angie

April 21, 2009

According to In Touch Weekly, a recent trip Brad took to France had less to do with checking on renovations and more to do with getting away from Angie and the kids for a bit. An airport employee said, “What could he be doing in France that’s so important that he couldn’t be with his […]

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson Split

April 14, 2009

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are dunzo…again. “Owen wants to get married and he proposed to Kate soon after they got back together. But she’s not ready,” a source told the Daily Express. Source I hope he leaves her alone for good. She’s fickle. Plus we don’t want anymore ‘incidents.’ Want more Manifesto? Check me […]

SamRo is Moving On

April 14, 2009

  Now that Lindsay and SamRo are over, Sam hopes the drama will stop. “Lindsay is extremely protective and jealous and needs an enormous amount of attention, and it’s stressful for the world to be watching them. [Samantha] takes it pretty good – she acts tougher than she is. She just wants the drama to […]

Jenn and John Call it Quits

March 16, 2009

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are dunzo…again. Word is that when she came back from her European promo tour he called it quits.  “They had some disagreements and decided to not continue to see each other,” says one source. “Jen is moving on with her life like she always does. She seems happy.” Source This […]

Tyrese’s Wife Gets Her Demands

March 6, 2009

Tyrese Gibson’s wife Norma filed for divorces and was asking for more child support as well as payment of her car note and rent.  Ty is already paying $5000 for child support plus the rent and car.  Well a judge put in a temporary order for him to pay $6,230 a month in child support, […]

Sugar Shane Going Through a Divorce

March 3, 2009

Jin Mosley, wife of boxer Sugar Shane Mosley, has filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences.”  They’ve been married for 7 years and she’s asking for primary custody of their three children as well as spousal support and payment of attorney fees. Source And another one down, and another one down, another one bites the dust! […]

Kimora and Russell’s Divorce is Finalized

February 2, 2009

The divorce between Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons is final.  They’ve been separated for over three years and both have moved on to new loves.  Russell has a hot young thang every few weeks and Kimora is expecting a baby with her beau of two years, Djimon Honsou.  Source I know the divorce got kinda […]

Dwyane Wad’s Wife Claims He Gave her an STD

January 20, 2009

D-Wayde’s wife has accused him of giving him an STD. The two are in the midst of a divorce and she in addition to the STD she’s accusing him of abandoning his children and committing adultery.  She’s demanding a list of his partners. His lawyer, James Pritkin issued a statement saying, “These malicious allegations are […]

DJ AM Moves on from Mandy Moore

January 6, 2009

DJ AM heal’s quickly.  He’s already moving on from Actress Mandy Moore, his on again off again girlfriend who helped him through his recovery.   He’s now reportedly dating a model named Hayley Wood. Source I wonder what that break up was like? Gee, thanks for tending to my seething wounds Mandy, but I’m gonna have […]