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No TV Talk Show for Harvey

May 18, 2009

Word is that Steve Harvey was supposed to be the next TV host protégé of Oprah Winfrey.  That is, until she found out about his sketchy past. Supposedly Oprah found out about how Steve reportedly abused his children, cheated on his ex wife and low balled his her during their divorce. Too bad, so sad. […]

Steve Harvey is Bald??!?!?!?! Shocker!!!

January 18, 2008

Steve Harvey took his wig off!! No really, that high-top fade eraser thingie perched atop his dome was a toupee. Don’t believe me? Hold on. Here’s an older pic. Makes sense now doesn’t it? I mean NO ONE’S line up is that damn crisp. Anyway, in a recent Jet interview he talks about preserving his […]