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Tom Needs to do Research Before Leaving the US

February 9, 2009

Tommy Boy made numerous boo-boos when discussing his love for Brazil.  He was in the country promoting Valkyrie, when, according to Page Six: Cruise  tried to ingratiate himself to reporters by saying hola (hello) and gracias (thanks), not realizing that the language of Brazil is Portuguese, not Spanish. According to Glamurama.com, Cruise also said he fell […]

Tommy Boy’s Fam Gets the Boot

July 31, 2008

Tom Cruise’s mother, sister Cass and sister’s 2 kids have been living with Tom for years and apparently Katie has had enough.  When she and Tom moved into their new home his mother and sister didn’t come with but instead are living in the Scientology Center. “He’s very close with his sisters and his mother […]

Katie’s at the End of her Rope

January 31, 2008

Rumor has it that Katie Holmes stormed out of a Scientology meeting recently because she just can’t take it anymore. She’s been stressed out over those crazy videos of Tom assuming his role as Captain Scientology, Mayor of Crazytown. In addition to that, she’s mad at Tom for forcing her to do “Mad Money” instead […]