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Jessica and Tony Move in Together

December 9, 2008

Word on the street is that singer Jessica Simpson is moving in with her Cowboys’ QB boyfriend, Tony Romo. A source told Us Weekly, “They are doing great. Now it’s Tony, Jess and his roommate!” Another source adds, “Jessica stays at his home when she’s in town, but she hasn’t totally moved in yet. She’s […]

Jessica Wants Six Kids

October 20, 2008

Crazy J-Simpson just can’t keep her mouth shut.  She just can’t help saying things that scare men away.  She told Australia’s Daily Telegraph, “I’d love six kids running around, but I guess I’ll have to start pretty soon.” And even though it’s been to her detriment in the past, she also doesn’t mind sharing her […]

Simpson and Romo Looking at Rings

October 8, 2008

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo were spotted at Neiman Marcus looking at engagement rings.  They’re supposedly going to get married this winter after football season ends.  Source Let’s have a moment of silence for the Cowboys, one of the greatest football franchises of all times.  Bow your heads… […]