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Rihanna has Found a New Sound in Chase and Status

chase and statusRihanna is looking to bring a new sound to her music on her latest album.  She’s working with the Brit Duo Chase and Status.

Chase and Status’ Saul Milton said: “We’ve spent the past few weeks working with Rihanna and her people in an undisclosed location. She’s a lovely girl, so professional and it was an honor to work with her. The stuff she’s doing now I would definitely go out and buy myself, it’s a big change.

“Rihanna got in contact with us after hearing our track ‘Saxon’. She loved the feel of the drums and said she wanted a similar thing for her next record.

“It’s over 140 beats per minute but there’s also a dub step vibe on the things we’ve done with her. It’s more musical, which we’re into right now.”


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