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Marilyn Manson…Silence Yourself!

That wacky Marilyn Manson was on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show where he told a story that involved Ecstasy and a baboon’s cage. He also talked about some new ink he wants to get on his peen. It went a lil’ something like this:
Controversial rocker Marilyn Manson ended up sharing a cage with a baboon after taking an ecstasy pill. Manson found himself face to face with the ape after taking the drug in a zoo in Florida. He said: “It was the first time I saw a baboon face to face. They said whatever you do don’t look him in the eye so that’s all I could do. They actually let me in. Some irresponsible bastard said lets put Marilyn Manson on ecstasy in a cage with a red arse baboon.” He also said, “I wanted to put a tattoo, if I would get one there[his penis], that would say buyer beware.” Source
Do you know how horribly wrong that chance encounter could have gone?! Baboons are crazy as hell and could maul you to death even if you had your wits about you. But on E!? I’m surprised he wasn’t trying to dry hump the poor animal. He should thank his lucky stars that monkey didn’t pelt him with poo then rip his throat apart with its razor sharp fangs. Ah, and about the peen tattoo. If really wants to shock he should dedicate it to his mom and ink something like “I Heart Barb” That would raise my eyebrow.
BTW-Some of you don’t know what the term Blackle means when I use it. It usually refers to a rude, crass, nasty, ignorant, or just down right dumb darkie who is an embarrassment to the race at large. A Blackle often dresses loudly or sloppily and tends to have crusty lips and smell like mildew. It’s scary and monster-like and should be avoided at all costs. And that thing licking Marilyn’s face is one personification of it. I’ll provide other examples ad nausium.

2 Responses to “Marilyn Manson…Silence Yourself!”

  1. Upon reading u’r definition of a blackle, my best friend and I have decided that regardless of what goes on in u’r life (marriage, babies…death) we would like to read new manifestos for the remainder of our days…even when we are on our death beds…keep that in mind.

  2. I’ll make sure to blog until I die.

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