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Olsen Twin’s Star Defamed

January 26, 2009

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been defaced by, we’re assuming PETA. Also defaced was the star of Actress Sharon Stone. They’re all known for unapologetically wearing fur. The girls star had “Fur Hags” written on it while Sharon’s had “Old Fur Hag”. Source That’s funny. Not right but […]

Sharon Stone explores her inner cougar

August 28, 2008

Sharon stone is flexing her cougar muscle (and we all know what muscle that is) and has snagged a man half her age. Auntie Sha-Sha is 50 years old and she’s reportedly dating 24-year-old Chase Dreyfous.  Dude is so hyphie about his old lady that he was boasting about this new love at a recent […]